Dr. Rojas

augusto-rojas-plastic-surgeryDr. Augusto Rojas is the Medical and Surgical Director at Oceanview Medical and Surgical Group in Venice California. An Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgeon from Bogotá Colombia, Dr. Rojas has practiced Cosmetic Surgery & Anti-Aging Medicine in Southern California for over 20 years.
Dr. Rojas’s success is rooted in an approach to Cosmetic Surgery akin that of the master who sculpts and shapes a stone to perfection in order to obtain the most balanced, beautiful, and long lasting results.
A Graduate of Universidad Javeriana, one of the best Medical Schools in Latin America, Augusto Rojas is versed in the most cutting edge surgical techniques available today which includes: Vaser Liposuction, Blepharoplasty, “Mommy Makeover”, Lifting Threats, and many others.
An active member of the Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery Community Dr. Rojas is an avid researcher who constantly seeks newer, safer and more effective techniques to satisfy his clients.
With the most high end products and techniques, from the simplest to the most sophisticated procedures, Dr. Rojas and his staff strives to provide you with the best service and most pleasant and safe experience while you get the results you want.
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Augusto Rojas M.D Inc.


Actual Cargo


Director general de Oceanview Medical and Surgical Group & Director medico de Venice Beach Surgical Center.


Licencia # : A41262







Bachelors on Arts- California State University Northridge.
1975- 1980 Medical School- Universidad Javeriana Bogotá- Colombia.
1980 Internship in Surgery- Good Samaritan Hospital. Bogota Colombia
1983 Residency in surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center (Beverly
  Hills, California.)
1984 Fellowship in surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center
  (Beverly Hills, CA)
1984 Obtained the California Medical State License- A41262
1987- 2004 Medical Director of Oceanview Medical and Surgical Center
  1st assistant to my brother Alvaro Rojas in the fields of
  General Surgery and Plastic Surgery.


1996 Training in office Laser Surgery- La Joya California.
1997 Laser Operative Procedures and Techniques- International Society
  of Cosmetic Surgery- Manhattan Beach, California.
1999 Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgical Procedures- Mexican
  Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Pathology.
2000 2nd World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.


2002 Aesthetic Surgery for family Practitioners- Toronto, Canada.
2002- 2003 Diplomatic of Aesthetic Medicine and Pathology.
2002- 2003 Diplomatic of Lipoplasty and Liposculpture- University of
  Morelos Cuernavaca, Mexico.
2003 Delegate and speaker to the 14th World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine
  American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine- Las Vegas, Nevada.
2004 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of American Academy of Cosmetic
  Surgery- Hollywood, Florida.
2004 Facial Cosmetic Surgery- A Multi- Specialty Symposium- Las Vegas,
2004 Advanced Aesthetic Procedures and Laser Techniques- Fort Lauderdale
2004 12th World Congress of Antiaging Medicine- Las Vegas, Nevada.
2004 Delegate 49th World congress of the International Academy of
Cosmetic Surgery – Lisbon, Portugal.
2005 Facial Sculpture Dr. Terino- Indian Wells, California.


Procedures for Primary Care- Pfenninger & Fowler’s Seminar- Chicago, IL
2005 Spanish Foundation of Aesthetic Medicine and Longevity Speaker- Madrid
2005 Anti-aging Medicine Board Review -Chicago.
2005 Phlebology Training Course-Las Vegas, Nevada.
2005 Training- Dr. Chugay Practicing in Minimally Invasive Facial Surgical
  Procedures including Blepharoplasty neck and face lifts.
2006 American Academy of Antiaging Medicine and Cosmetic Dermatology
  14th World Congress- Las Vegas Nevada.
2007 American Academy of Antiaging Medicine 15th World Congress Las Vegas, Nevada
2007 Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery- Dr. Pierre Fornier- Mexico City, Mexico.
2007 Update in Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty- Morelos Michuacan, Mexico.


Orthopedic Physical Assessment National Physician Institute- Las Vegas, NV


Cosmetic Dermatology- 2nd World Congress- Santa Monica, California
2008 ACLS Course- Brotman Medical Center- Los Angeles, California
2008 Medical Director of Venice Beach Surgical Center Inc.
A Multispecialty Surgical Center:
2008 Developing Leaders in Aesthetic Techniques- Strata Med, LLC- Los Angeles, CA
  Symposium in Bariatric Medicine and Surgery- New Port Beach, California.


2010 National Society of Cosmetic Physician

5th Annual Cosmetic Conference- Tuscan, Arizona


2010 Orthopaedics for Primary Care- New Orleans, Louisiana


Conscious Sedation Consulting- San Diego, California.
2011 ACLS Re-certification- N.I.H.E. Pasadena, California
2011 National Society of Cosmetic Physicians- Advanced Tumescent Liposuction and
Liposuction Contouring Technologies Workshop- Newport Beach, California
2011 AAAHC Achieving Accreditation- San Diego California.
2013 World Congress on Advanced Liposculpture and

Body Contouring Techniques – American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

in New York City


2014 9th Annual Cosmetic Conference – American Society of Cosmetic Physicians

In Scottsdale, Arizona.

2015 10th Annual Cosmetic Conference – American Society of Cosmetic Physicians

In Orlando, Florida.

2015 17th Annual Scientific Meeting – California Society of Cosmetic Surgery

In Santa Monica, California.

MIEMBRO DE American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Academy of Antiaging Medicine
International Society of Lipoplasty
Mexican Association of Cosmetic Surgery
National Society of Cosmetic Physicians

Affiliations, Organizations and Membership:

-American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.
-American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.
-American Academy of Laser Surgery.
-American College of phlebology.
-American College of Sports Medicine.