lipo HD Los Angeles

Become Part Of The Beauty Revolution With Lipo HD In Los Angeles

When you live in Los Angeles, looking good is as important as having a good job or living in the right part of town. If you don’t look the part, then you will never get anywhere in the city, and you might even find yourself passed over for promotion or failing to get your full bonus. In the past, the pressure to look good was mostly applied to women, who had media stars to look up to and designer clothes to squeeze themselves in to. However, in the 21st Century, there is increasing pressure on men to look good, too, and in fact, they may even feel more pressure, because being handsome, fit and muscular is not easy to achieve when you have to hold down a full-time job, too. In the city of the stars, removing unwanted fat cells through liposuction has been very common for nearly forty years, and with advances in technology such as lipo HD Los Angeles has never had a better opportunity to sculpt their body.

lipo HD Los Angeles

Modern Liposuction With Less Risk

The bad old days of early attempts at liposuction have gone, and there is a revolution in cosmetic surgery over removing fat from a patient’s body. Rather than simply inserting a suction tube into a large slit in the side of the skin, and sucking out everything that it came into contact with, modern technology uses ultrasound to break apart stubborn areas of fat, turning them into a liquid and making it easier to remove these cells. Not only is there less risk of harm when this is being done, but it can also allow you to focus upon one area over another – so you could finally shed that unwanted fat from around your belly, at the top of your arms, or around your buttocks. There will be different areas for men and women, as some lines in the “rectus abdominis muscle are not aesthetically desired”, so you will need to be assessed when you come to Dr. Rojas’ clinic for your first appointment. To discuss what you need to be done, and to understand exactly what the operation will entail, you need to call the Venice Beach office yourself at (310) 870-1224 and make sure that you get that first appointment with the expert cosmetic surgeon.

Why Turn To Lipo HD In Los Angeles?

When you want to look as good as possible, it is important to think about exactly what your options are when it comes to cosmetic removal of fat. The technology has moved very quickly from the turn of the century, and you will certainly want to avoid the traditional liposuction with its tendency to leave obvious scars. With HD liposuction, there is some evidence that you will experience less blood loss, have a faster operating time, and end up with reduced discomfort and recovery times. Some experts also suggest that you may have “improved contouring in areas with an abundance of fibrous tissue…studies have confirmed that…[ultrasound] is effective in…liposuction in fibrotic areas such as the male flank or chest area”. More modern devices mean that the high definition system can be used at a lower pulse, and Vaser, the system we use, will allow for a greater fragmentation of adipose at this lower setting. That is good news for everyone who wants to get liposuction treatment.

Body Contouring In LA

Advances in liposuction mean that it is possible for you to get a good reduction in body fat when you use modern devices. The use of Ultrasound also means that you can get a bigger improvement in body contouring, cutting out fat, which is sitting over the muscles and improving the toned look of your body. When you need fat removal to cut out cellulite, to conceal previous weight loss programs and to ensure that you can wear a bikini to the beach with pride, you can use our HD Vaser to get your body looking great. If you are a man needing body sculpting, then you should know that our liposuction has been shown to produce great results where you need them, including around your pecs and arm muscles. If you have successfully lost weight, but find that there is still a little bit of fat sticking around your tummy that won’t go, then you could benefit from our modern liposuction techniques. Experts recommend that this procedure be used only by very experienced surgeons, such as our Dr. Rojas. He has been working in the LA region for more than 20 years before HD lipo was even invented, and he has been trained to use the lipo with HD machine on Los Angeles patients. He knows a great deal about this technique, so if you have any questions about this operation or any other cosmetic procedure, send him an online message today or call (310) 870-1224.