The Benefits of Varicose Vein Surgery

The Benefits of Varicose Vein Surgery

One of the health issues that you need to be aware of as you get older is the potential of varicose veins developing in your legs. Varicose veins can be quite common as a person ages and are most commonly located on your legs, particularly in the areas of your calves or your shins. The veins can be quite unsightly and if left untreated, can begin to cause you significant pain and discomfort. You may find that you have regular pain in this area of your legs, and itching sensation and the need to sit down often because your legs ache. While there are different options available for treatment, there are a number of benefits to you if you undergo varicose vein surgery.

More Effective than Other Remedies

There are a number of different remedies that you can try to assist you with varicose veins. Many people simply try to elevate their legs as often as possible to ease some of the aches and pains that they feel. Others will make use of compression socks or stockings to help relieve the pain. While both of these methods can be effective for some people, they do not work well for everyone. Neither of these solutions also provides you with any type of permanent solution. When you look at the surgical options available to you, surgery can give you long-term, permanent relief from the pain that you are feeling in your legs.

Regain the Look You Want

Another benefit of varicose vein surgery is that you will be able to get the look of your legs back to the level that you want. Varicose veins can be embarrassing to you because of the way that they stand out and make your legs look. Even treatment options that make use of socks and stockings will not be able to completely cover the veins. When you have the varicose veins surgically removed your legs will have the smooth, natural look that you want so that you will not feel embarrassed.

Exploring Your Options

In order to learn more about the various benefits of varicose vein surgery, you want to take the time to contact Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery at 310-391-7143. Dr. Rojas is an expert cosmetic surgeon that provides the latest, cutting edge alternatives available for the removal of varicose veins so that you can get the relief that you are seeking.