Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty consists of removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen to tighten and flattening the underlying muscles. This procedure is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgeries today. Patients experiencing loose belly skin from weight loss, pregnancies, etc., cannot simply tighten their muscles and skin through exercise. Tummy tuck can then offer a dramatic improvement to the body’s core. Incisions are generally made along the ‘bikini line’ to minimize the visibility of scarring. This operation is generally performed using general anesthetic. Dr. Rojas devotes the necessary time to make sure your Tummy Tuck results are the best; natural, amazing, and without detectable scars! How?
  • Creating natural-looking hills and valleys so that the abdomen doesn’t look too flat or fake-looking.
  • Make a small “innie” belly button that is in the correct location.
  • Removing the flanks or love handles by liposuction to enhance the waist and hip curves.
  • Tightening the stomach muscles in just the right amount.
  • Placing the scar as low as possible so that a tiny bikini or undergarment can still hide it.