Breast Implant Size

How to Choose the Correct Breast Implant Size

Once you’ve decided to seek breast implant surgery, you need to see a plastic surgeon.  Women seek breast implant surgery for different reasons. The main two, according to Dr. Augusto Rojas, is after a mastectomy or for cosmetic purposes. Many women have deep-seated insecurities about the breast implant size and shape. They turn to breast augmentation surgery for help.

How does the process work?

When you go for your consultation with the plastic surgeon, he/she will want to know why you’re seeking surgery and what your desired outcome is. Many women go into the consultation with a precise idea of what they want. They usually equate it with a bra cup size. For instance, they’ll want to go from a B cup to a D cup. The job of the doctor is to listen to what the patient wants and then assess whether it’s possible. Many women want to enlarge their breasts to the degree that a doctor may deem unfeasible.

The unfeasibility of a patient’s request may relate to the risks of post-operative complications and the need for follow-up surgeries. The doctor balances these factors with what the patient wants. This cosmetic surgery aims to achieve a natural look, with breasts the size the patient is comfortable with.

Many doctors use a 3D imaging program to show the patient a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture. This gives the patient a realistic expectation after the surgery.

Breast Implant Size

Factors to consider when selecting the size of your breast implants

  1. What your doctor says

Consider the advice of your doctor on what implants to use and what size to choose. The doctor will measure your breasts and determine the ideal size. This is a calculation to find what breast size and shape will look most natural for you. The calculation is based on the dimensions of your body and its tissue characteristics. From there, he/she calculates what size breast implant you need.

  1. What your body can tolerate

The capacity of your body’s tissue to accept the breast implant is important. If you choose breast implants that are too big, you’re forcing your body’s tissue beyond its limits. This can result in permanent damage or massive complications after your surgery. These include wounds that don’t heal properly or breast deformity. The breasts will also look unnatural and make you more self-conscious than you were before.

  1. What you hope to achieve

The results you desire must be weighed up. You don’t want to face the complications of choosing implants that are too big. But you also don’t want to be ‘under-whelmed’ by being too conservative and choosing implants that are too small. This is where proper collaboration between you and the surgeon is critical. If you walk away from a consultation still feeling unsure, seek a second opinion. Make sure that the doctor you consult is reputable and experienced.