Varicose Veins cause

The Common Varicose Veins Cause

Have you noticed that your legs have been feeling tired, heavy, sore and achy all of the time? You may also have noticed that you have swollen bulges in your legs and feet and can see blue veins more prominently than ever before. What you may be experiencing is a very common disorder, particularly in women, known as varicose veins. While a large number of women over the age of fifty may experience varicose veins, many people do not realize just where they may get them from. There are a number of common varicose veins causes that you should know about so you can understand the condition better.

Varicose Veins cause

Common Factors in Varicose Veins

Many people do not realize that one of the most common causes of this circulatory condition has very little to do with how they have led their lives. Many women and men experience varicose veins because it is hereditary in their family. While genetics can play a role in developing this condition, there are other causes for it as well. Obesity or excessive weight gain can be a primary cause of the problem. The type of job you have had may also be a factor. If your work has had you on your feet for many hours a day, such as a teacher, nurse or factory worker, you may be more prone to developing varicose veins. The problem can also be the result of changing hormones in your body that can occur during pregnancy or menopause.

How to Find Out More

To learn more about possible varicose veins causes for yourself you are going to want to see a doctor and get a proper evaluation. Your doctor can examine you and help you determine what the cause in your case is most likely and then provide you with options available to you in terms of treatment. While there are certain remedies available that can give you some relief daily, if you are looking for a more permanent or long-term solution you may want to see what surgical options are available.

Seeing the Right Doctor

In order to find out more about varicose veins causes and what you can do about them, make an appointment with Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery by calling the office at 310-391-7143. Dr. Rojas has vast expertise in dealing with varicose veins and can provide you with the latest procedures to help you get rid of the problem and live your life without the pain.