liposuction Vaser Los Angeles

Define Your Body With Liposuction Vaser In Los Angeles

After many hours working in the gym, you are disappointed to discover that there are still some areas of your body that haven’t responded to all that exercise. Maybe it is a little pouch of fat just by your belly button, or love handles that are still there despite all of your efforts. If this is the case, then you may wonder whether liposuction can actually help you. If you are thinking about having this surgery, then you may be interested in talking to Dr. Rojas, a specialist in liposuction Vaser Los Angeles. This type of liposuction may be the best option for those seeking treatment for small areas of their body.

What Is Vaser Liposuction?

Developed in the last few years, this form of liposuction allows the surgeon to concentrate upon particular areas of the body. Unlike traditional liposuction, which simply aimed the suction nozzle into the stomach and moved it around, the Vaser uses ultrasound to affect fat cells, turning them into a liquid while leaving other parts of the stomach, including tissue and blood vessels, whole. This helps to reduce the chances of inflammation and scarring, and it is more effective at removing stubborn areas of fat. The liposuction tube is then added into the skin, only removing the liquefied cells. This allows the surgeon to ensure that they are not harming the rest of your body when the cannula is trying to remove the fat only. The end result should be a smoother, more even body with the opportunity to show off muscles or toning.

liposuction Vaser Los Angeles

Liposuction Vaser Los Angeles: Getting The Best Results

The whole procedure will be completed in a few hours at the Venice Beach Surgery Center, performed under either local or general anesthetic. The length of time taken for this operation will depend upon the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the pertinent recovery from the anesthesia. After you have had the liposuction, you will be given compression garments that are intended to help the tissue adhere to the spaces where fat cells were so that the contours are being shaped from the very beginning. After you have been wearing these for a few weeks, the swelling should disappear, along with any bruising on the site. After this has faded, you should be able to see the improved shape of your body, and you will be able to see the finished results around four months later.

Let Us Help You With Contouring

If you want to improve the physical look of your body and think that you need to lose fat from your torso, then you may benefit from choosing to use our liposuction Vaser in Los Angeles. Dr. Rojas is able to offer you a high-quality cosmetic treatment which will allow you to get the body you have always wanted. To find out more about how we can help you with liposuction, reach out to Venice Beach Surgical Center today by contacting us online or call us at (310) 870-1224 now.