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Discover More about High Definition Liposuction in Los Angeles

It is never easy to be happy with the body that you have. Others might think that you have great looks, or a dream body, but you may notice small imperfections that you wish you could get rid of. One of the most common complaints that the Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery sees is excessive fat, typically around the stomach and hips, but also in the upper arms, chin or back. Wherever your unwanted fat is located, you could get rid of it for good by using high definition Liposuction in Los Angeles.

High Definition Liposuction in Los Angeles

How HD Liposuction Removes Fat

The principle behind HD liposuction is advanced Vaser technology that breaks down fat cells within your body. Unlike traditional methods of liposuction, which tended to suck away any tissue in the area, this laser technology allows greater definition in removing fat cells. You can have your body sculpted, and get rid of unwanted fat cells without damaging the tissue around them, when you use our Vaser targeted technology. This type of liposuction is suitable for all of the difficult areas in the body where you simply cannot get rid of the fat no matter how hard you try, and where slimming and toning have not helped.

How You Can Benefit From High Definition Liposuction in Los Angeles

This type of laser therapy is best suited to people who have a good physical shape, and have made the effort to get in shape and keep their body as toned as possible, but are not able to shake problem areas, which means that they feel uncomfortable in their skin. We treat a range of patients, including models, athletes and bodybuilders as well as those in the LA entertainment industry. It can produce high quality results with little to no scarring or bruising, and speedy recovery times.

Let Us Remove Your Fat Cells

You may be interested in learning more about how  high definition Liposuction in Los Angeles could help you to lose that weight. We treat many hundreds of patients each year with this therapy, and you could find the long-term solution to your problem areas by seeking an appointment with Dr. Rojas today. To find out more about the procedure, and discuss whether you are a suitable candidate for HD liposuction, call the clinic today on (310) 390-7143, or contact us online now using our form here.