Lip Lift

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Lip Lift Surgery in Los Angeles is a cosmetic procedure that modifies the appearance of the lips by reshaping them to increase the prominence of the vermilion border enhancing the facial area above the lips into a more aesthetically, youthful and pleasing shape. This common surgical procedure elevates the position of the upper lip to create a more relaxed smile. However, there are two types of Lip Lifts: Upper Lip Lift & Corner Lip Lift.

The ideal candidates for the procedure are:


  • If their teeth do not show when they smile.
  • If they have a long space (greater than 1.5 cm) between the nose and the upper lip.
  • With thin flat lips.
  • If lip fillers result in duck lips because the upper lip does not have room to expand vertically.


  • When they have a permanent frown.
  • If the corner of the mouth is turned down.

The Lip lift procedures are performed under local anesthesia.

Dr. Rojas performs lip lift surgery in Los Angeles by excising only skin at the base of the nose. An incision is placed directly beneath the nose and a small strip of skin and tissue is removed. The lip is elevated to its new position exposing about 1/8″ of teeth and permanently increasing the volume of the pink part of the lip. The procedure takes about 90 minutes.

The result is a more youthful and pleasant shape to the mouth and lips. The teeth will show more and the patient almost always looks happier, sexier, and relaxed.

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