VASER in Los Angeles

Fantastic Results with VASER in Los Angeles

Losing weight is never easy for anyone, but when you are already in good shape and you have just a few areas of your body that you want to tone and firm up, weight loss can seem almost impossible for you. The fact is that we cannot target the areas of the body where we want the fat to come off, and some problem areas naturally exist that, try as we might, never seem to improve. What can be done in situations like this? One solution is for you to look at a revolutionary liposuction technology known as VASER technology. You can get amazing results with VASER in Los Angeles when you come to an expert cosmetic surgeon like we have here at Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery.

VASER in Los Angeles

Understanding VASER Technology

VASER has been in use for several years now. Still, it is only available at surgeons that have experience and expertise with the technology. In the past, traditional liposuction, while helpful in some situations, was not the answer for those that wanted targeted fat removed from the body. Traditional lipo also has its own risks to it, and it is easy for blood vessels and nerves to get damaged during the surgery, leaving you with severe bruising and even scarring. VASER eliminates these problems and risks by using ultrasound to target fat molecules and emulsify them, so they turn to liquid. The liquid can then get removed using a cannula that is inserted into a small slit in the skin. The process leaves you with the firm, toned body you want without the bruising that could exist.

Better Recovery with VASER

Going with VASER in Los Angeles for the method of liposuction can lead to better recovery for you as well. Other liposuction procedures not only have the potential to leave you with severe bruising and scars, but you may also experience a long recovery that can be painful for you. It could be a long time before your body begins to recover and take shape to the way you want it. With VASER, recovery can be easier for you. While compression garments need to be worn, so the skin adheres to its new, toned body, Results may be seen almost immediately and with far less bruising.

Exploring VASER Possibilities

Not every person is an ideal candidate for VASER in Los Angeles when they want liposuction. That is why you want to go to a doctor that has the experience and understanding of the technology so that you are sure to get the best advice. When you come to us at Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery, you will meet with Dr. Rojas to discuss your desires and receive an exam, so Dr. Rojas can help you determine what the best options and courses of action are available to you. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation, you can telephone us at (310) 870-1224. A member of our staff can help arrange everything for you so you can find out if VASER is right for you.