perfect cosmetic surgeons in Los Angeles

Finding the Perfect Cosmetic Surgeons in Los Angeles

US citizens spend more than $16 million on cosmetic surgical procedures, ranging from expensive surgeries to minimally invasive injectables. This is some of the biggest spends per capita for plastic surgery in the world, and the most that this country has ever spent for plastic or cosmetic treatments. The changing way that people view cosmetic surgery means that it seems to have become more acceptable to have treatments, and why people in all walks of life, from the wealthy to those on modest incomes, are searching for the perfect cosmetic surgeons in Los Angeles.


The acceptance of cosmetic surgery

When you consider how the acceptance of Joan Rivers changed dramatically during the final years of her life – from being ridiculed for her excessive face lifts and procedures  to being asked for advice and writing a book about it – you can see this as a metaphor for the change in thinking about cosmetic surgery. As more and more people are having procedures, almost everyone now knows a friend, relative or colleague who has had work done. This means that it is more familiar to everyone, and seems much more normal. Overall, the idea of a procedure has become more acceptable, and women and men are no longer condemned or seen as vain by changing the way they look. This is not just a phenomenon in the US. Australia, whose residents spent around $1 billion on cosmetic surgery last year, is also a part of this rise in the mainstreaming of cosmetic surgery.


Social media and plastic surgery

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this change in thinking is the rise of social media. Now everyone can see themselves, from any angle, 24 hours a day. Often, social media posters are not happy with their looks, and use filters to adjust their online appearance. In 2014, a third of cosmetic surgeons reported an increase in procedure requests related to social media, and some surgeons also saw patients coming into the surgery with their phones, asking to be made to look like their filtered images. Doctors have to walk a fine line between meeting the needs of their clients and avoiding excessive treatments which might damage their clients in the long-term.

perfect cosmetic surgeons in Los Angeles

Plastic surgery and the young

Cosmetic surgery for teenagers and young women is a growing issue in the US. Sometimes, teens below the age of 18 come in for treatment, and parents are also gifting surgery to teenage daughters as a reward for graduating from high-school.  Young women in particular are being given these gifts, particularly in their teens and after childbirth. Young mothers want to ‘fix’ their body through surgical treatments. However, evidence shows that teenagers have become increasingly interested in injectables such as Botox, and that this directly relates to their use of social media. Over 200,000 treatments were given to surgical patients between 13 and 19 last year, and guidance was issued this year restricting surgery on teenagers below the age of 19 to reduce these numbers. We can see two phenomena here, where young women are being presented with cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural appearance, and teenagers are seeking to change their looks to conform to what they see online. Doctors understand that not all of their patients realize that people look different in real life, and have high expectations of being perfect, which often requires the use of cosmetic surgery.


Searching for professional Cosmetic Surgeons in Los Angeles

When you decide that you want plastic surgery, you will need to find a cosmetic surgical team near to you who can give you the treatment you require. This means finding someone who is interested in the latest technologies, and can use these to give you the perfect body. Because you are seeking an intimate consultation about your appearance, you need to find someone you can trust. You need a surgeon like Dr Rojas, a professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the LA cosmetic scene. He can give you advice about the type of treatment you will need, and how to make sure that you look great without removing all of your unique style.


Find the perfect procedure today

In order to make sure that you are not being mistreated or taken advantage of by your cosmetic surgeon, it is necessary to find a doctor who is experienced and knowledgeable, and can help you to make the right decisions about your body. You may be able to find a new range of treatments which will suit your needs without being too invasive. To find out how Dr Rojas can help you to transform your looks, or to arrange an appointment call (310) 870-1224 today.