Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Five Things to Know About Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Have you been asking yourself whether breast augmentation in Los Angeles is your next step towards your perfect body? You may want to know a few basics and other facts to be better informed about your breast augmentation options. Will they need to be replaced in a few years? Do you have any alternative options? What style is best, saline or silicone? There are a few facts worth considering before you move forward with a consultation appointment.  

Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles is not a life time purchase

While you may think that breast implants are a one (two) and done surgery they may in fact require more surgery. This is because the lifespan of breast implants vary patient to patient and can’t be forecasted. Some people can keep their original implants for 20 or more years while others may decide to go bigger or change the shape of theirs down the road. 

Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles

Be sure to review the product labeling

When getting something placed inside your body it’s best to know what’s in it. This is why the FDA advises that people look at the SSED (Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Data). For each implant you will want to learn about the fillers used and other characteristics. The SSED will tell you things such as risks, warnings, precautions and the studies involved with the FDA approval. Understanding the labeling will help you understand which breast implants will be best for you. 

Consultation with your Surgeon

It’s best to have a long talk and consultation with your chosen surgeon. They will take the time to evaluate the best size, shape, placement and surface structure for your implants. This is you opportunity to ask your surgeon any questions you might have such as their experiences with performing this surgery.  You can also inform them of any past surgeries you have had and how you body responded to those. This will help you surgeon make the best decisions regarding your process during a surgery. 

Learn about long term risks 

With any surgery there can be long term risks. When it comes to breast implants the FDA has identified an associated between implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma or ALCL. This is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It can be found in the scar tissue or flue that surrounds an implant. US based implants can be filled with silicone or saline. They come in different shapes, textures and sizes. ALCL has been seen to developed more in textured implants than smooth. 

Monitoring is important

You will want to follow post surgery instructions to ensure you are doing everything correctly. If you notice anything unusual you’ll want to report your doctor immediately. You’ll want to follow your post care instructions and have routine mammograms to screen for breast cancer. You’ll want to tell your doctor’s office that you have implants so that they can be prepared. The FDA suggests that those with silicone implants have MRIs on a three year basis to ensure there haven’t been any ruptures of the implant. 

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