Best ClariVein

For Best ClariVein, Dr. Rojas Is the Answer

To get the best ClariVein treatment, Dr. Rojas can provide experience and know-how. There are many ways to get rid of varicose veins. Some are far more effective than others. Technology has jumped ahead quite a bit in just the last few years. What seemed like an impossible dream is now reality. ClariVein tech is one of the biggest breakthroughs for combating varicose veins in many years. A true pro can use ClariVein to help someone live the life they’ve always wanted.

What is ClariVein?

It may sound like some kind of pill or medicine, but it’s actually a device. Through a very small entrance point (no bigger than a pin), this catheter tub is put into the peripheral vasculature. To get the best results with ClariVein, Dr. Rojas then actives the rotating wire tip once it’s entire inside the vein. Then, the tip delivers the medication. That’s the genius of it: it distributes the appropriate medicine all over the walls of the vein, in a 360 degree pattern. That way, it gets everything.

Easy on the Legs

Other varicose vein treatments can hurt the patient’s legs. Some put on too much internal leg pressure, which can lead to a whole host of problems and hurt. However, ClariVein, Dr. Rojas’ specialty, doesn’t put any undue or increased pressure on the leg. Because of that, the patient can return to normal activities quicker than before. There’s a lot less recovering for the leg to do, so the patient is ready to go much faster.

Best ClariVein

No Lasting Damage

Older methods of fixing varicose veins could be pretty dangerous. There were lots of side effects, some of which were visible. With ClariVein, Dr. Rojas is essentially an artist, and none of those old problems with varicose vein treatments are problems anymore. There’s usually no bruising. Sometimes, there’s a very negligible amount. Even more importantly, there’s no chance of skin nerve damage. The patient’s nerves will be secure. There’s also no chance of numbness from heat damage, as well.

Pain Free

With ClariVein, Dr. Rojas has found an effective way to treat varicose veins without the patient feeling any pain. In fact, with ClariVein, there’s little to no pain whatsoever. That comes from the fact that, in relations to prior varicose vein treatments, ClariVein doesn’t use multiple needle sticks. It’s just one stick, that’s put in and then used effectively and efficiently.

Through ClariVein, Dr. Rojas Unlocks a New You

No one likes having varicose veins. They don’t look attractive, and they can lead to health problems. You don’t have to live with them anymore. There are many solutions available that can make varicose veins a part of your past. Instead of suffering through them or hiding your legs, get a treatment that will get rid of them. Take your body back. The legs you always wanted are only a phone call away. Contact (310) 391-7143 to make an appointment for ClariVein, Dr. Rojas will give you a new you.