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How New Lipo For Your Abdomen In Los Angeles Removes More Belly Fat

America is suffering a severe obesity epidemic and with it a health care crisis that means that people are dying young, and needlessly, because they have not got rid of excess weight. In men, there is an additional problem that their weight gains have not been explored in trials nearly as much as women. Greater participation by men in health trials relating to obesity is clearly necessary, and in the meantime, steps need to be taken to try to improve the weight levels of these men. Although women also have a problem shedding difficult areas of fat, many men suffer from severe problems around the abdomen, where the excess fat cannot be removed through usual methods: “no matter how much I hit the gym, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted”. Only through the use of interventions, such as focused lipo on the abdomen could Los Angeles men get rid of love handles and fat around the abdomen which was preventing muscle definition. At Dr. Rojas’ Cosmetic Surgery in Venice Beach, men can finally find the solution they need for excess fat around the stomach. To find out more about how we can help you shed those fat cells for good, simply send an online message with your questions to the team today.

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How Lipo On The Abdomen In Los Angeles Can Be Good For Your Health

Concerns about excess weight in men extend to health problems which can be triggered by being obese or overweight. It has been shown that abdominal obesity can be linked to a greater risk of heart attack and type II diabetes, and other treatments have suggested that there may be other significant risks, including liver disease, kidney disease and an increased risk of strokes. The removal of belly fat is, therefore, an opportunity to cut back on the potential for excess weight in the abdomen to trigger on or all of these diseases. There have been some experiments in recent years using cosmetic surgery as a way to reduce these risks. While most attempts focused upon women – the largest trial group – there has been a close study on the use of liposuction on obese men, and in particular the use of Vaser liposuction, the type that we use in our clinic. The results seemed to suggest that “deep subcutaneous abdominal adipose tissue is associated with [insulin resistance] and the current finding is… that liposuction modulates insulin sensitivity with a beneficial effect that may persist over months from surgery”. If you have been trying to lose weight for the good of your health, anything that can reduce your risk of type II diabetes and associated heart and organ disease might be one way to improve your health.

Getting Rewarded For Your Efforts

Going to the gym every day can be its own reward, of course, but most of us expect to see some kind of visible benefit, such as muscle definition and a properly toned body. You know that you will need to remove excess fat, but you also have a busy life which means that you can’t just stop working for weeks in order to recover. This is another advantage to Vaser because it is a simple treatment that can mean you only need to be there for one day.  You may even be able to have the fat moved to other parts of the body, for example, to make it look as though you have biceps. Whether this is something that you want to do as the last stage in a physical transformation, or you are doing it for a special occasion such as a wedding, or an appearance on film or at an event. Whatever your reasons, you want to look your best, and you can do it with help from our Venice Beach clinic.

Improve The Way You Look Today With Dr. Rojas

When you have excess fat around your abdomen, we can help you to get rid of it with a very simple procedure. You may wish to reduce your chances of type II diabetes and other complications of being overweight, in which case our lipo for the abdomen helps Los Angeles residents like you to minimize their risks, or you may wish to lose the fat in order to look good at a special occasion or to add the final touch to your body sculpting dreams. You can find out exactly how we can help you by talking to the team about your needs. Removing fat from anywhere on your body is easier with the Vaser treatment, and you don’t have to worry about long recovery or excess scarring. You should visit Dr. Rojas and the team at Venice Beach to start the process, so make your appointment today by calling at (310) 870-1224 now.