More Definition with Lipo VASER in Los Angeles

If you have ever looked into liposuction as an option for yourself, you may have been disappointed by what you read or heard from others that have had the procedure in the past. While liposuction may have seemed revolutionary at the time it began to become a standard procedure as a way to eliminate excess fat, the methods traditionally used did not always offer the best results and often had an excruciating and lengthy recovery time. Today, thanks to advances made in technology, liposuction can be a much better experience for you. If you have avoided this option in the past, you should know that you can now achieve greater definition thanks to lipo VASER in Los Angeles.

lipo VASER in Los Angeles

Why VASER Works Well

Liposuction in previous years was the only alternative you may have had if you wanted to get rid of excess fat on your body. The methods used previously were highly invasive and involved complicated surgery that had high risks. Add to that the difficult recovery many patients experienced, and liposuction was not something on the table for many people. VASER has changed all that. This technology uses ultrasound to target fat areas in your body. The ultrasound turns the fat to liquid so that all you need is a small incision, so a cannula can be inserted to remove the fat. You can have fat removed without significant risks, bruising, damaging of blood vessels, and painful post-surgery experiences.

VASER is More Exact

Lipo VASER in Los Angeles gives you more exact results than any other liposuction option. VASER is used extensively to help with body sculpting so that patients can have fat removed from troublesome areas of the body where diet and exercise have had no effect. Previous liposuction procedures could not target the small areas of the body like VASER can. You can now get rid of fat on your thighs, calves, hips, arms, neck, and other spots that can help give you the finer muscle and body definition that you have always wanted. Because of the nature of the procedure, you do not have the problems that often occur post-surgery so that you can see better results in shorter amounts of time.

Learning More about Lipo VASER

Not everyone is the ideal candidate for lipo VASER in Los Angeles, which is why you want to make sure you see a doctor who is honest, experienced, and caring so that you get the best information, options, and results. Here at Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Augusto Rojas is an expert in the use of VASER and can help determine if it is the best approach for you to help you sculpt your body. Read more about VASER, Dr. Rojas, and what our practice can do for you on our web pages. You can then reach out to us by calling our office at (310) 870-1224, so you can speak with us and arrange an appointment to meet Dr. Rojas and talk about how VASER can work for you.