Lipo Vaser

New lipo vaser treatments in Los Angeles for cosmetic patients

Liposuction has been a popular way to transform your body shape for more than three decades, and it has significantly altered in those years. Early attempts to change the body shape resulted in scarring and pain, but more modern versions, such as the Lipo Vaser technique popular in Los Angeles, allow patients to get rid of fat deposits without having to live with scarring or severe bruising. If you are interested in having some of these new treatments, then you might benefit from learning more about the process before you make a decision on what type of procedure you want.

Lipo Vaser

Advances in liposuction

You might have been thinking about having body contouring for a while, but have been nervous about the potential for further damage with the wrong type of fat reduction. In this case, you might really benefit from trying out one of the more modern varieties of liposuction, and particularly so-called Vaser lipo. This is a relatively modern way of changing your body shape with less risk and more benefits. This type of surgery was advanced at the beginning of the 21st century, but some doctors were uncertain about its reliability. However, studies from 2002 onwards showed that Vaser lipoplasty was safe and relatively harmless.

What does Vaser do?

In the past, cosmetic surgeons would use cannula tubes to extract fat from the body, which caused a lot of damage to internal tissues and blood vessels. Time off work was needed to recover, and the process often resulted in patients gaining weight straight back onto the same places. Vaser uses an ultrasound device to break down fats within the tissue, described as ’emulsification’ of the fat cells. As they fragment, the cells become a more liquid solution, which is then removed from the body using a suction tube. As the cells have been removed by fragmentation, this means that they are not left in the body to reform. This more accurate procedure results in less blood loss, and better long-term results.  Fat cells are more fragile than other tissues, so this makes it easy to break them down while leaving other cells intact. Vaser will also break down fat cells more easily and can avoid damaging blood vessels, resulting in a smaller amount of bruising around the targeted area.

Working in smaller areas

Another reason why so many patients find Vaser appealing is that it can be used in much smaller areas than previously. Surgeons use small cannula tubes, which mean that the ultrasound can be used to remove fat in problem areas, including the chin, without excessive scarring. For example, if you feel that you have a protruding area of fat in your belly area which is getting in your way, then you may benefit from using a Vaser lipo treatment that can specifically target this problem area. Most surgeons will find clients who aren’t overweight for their height, and have good muscles but are struggling to remove stubborn pockets of fat from around the body. Breaking down the fat before it is sucked out can prevent cells from being left behind, giving you a smoother end result. This allows more definition of muscles and better body sculpting, so we can define the arms, buttocks, or stomach in women, and the stomach ligaments and six-pack area for men. All of this will allow you to get the look you have been seeking, and you can do it without excessive scarring, too. For patients who have put a lot of effort into toning, and now only need to get rid of those last stubborn patches of fat that won’t shift, this is the perfect solution.

Get better sculpting with lipo Vaser treatment in Los Angeles

Liposuction can be the ideal tool to help you sculpt your body and make it perfect if you are thinking about attending bodybuilding competitions, want to model, or are planning to make your living in the media. Having the perfect body will ensure that you get noticed, and with Vaser and ultrasound liposuction, you can do this without risking scarring and other issues. You need to find a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in this type of treatment, and who can make sure that you get exactly the look that you want, from improving the curve of the buttocks to redefining your abdomen. You do the hard work, and then we help you to finish your look. To find out more about how Vaser liposuction can transform your body and help you to get rid of that last layer of unwanted fat, you need to speak to the experts at Dr. Rojas’ Cosmetic Surgery. To book an appointment today, simply contact us online, or call us on 310-870-1224 now and speak to a member of our team.