Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

Try The New Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

If you have been considering liposuction as a possibility to help you get rid of fat in areas of your body, you will want to make sure you do some research regarding liposuction first. It is always a good idea to know what to expect from the surgery, what it entails, how effective it is, and what are any aftereffects you need to have concerns about. During your research, you may discover that there is a newer method beyond the traditional liposuction that you may want to explore. The new liposuction VASER in Los Angeles may be the better solution for you.

Finding Out about VASER

VASER has been in use for over fifteen years now in the United States. The technology involves the use of ultrasound to help break up the fat cells in the areas of the body that you want to be targeted. The ultrasound is used to break up the fat cells you have, turning them into a liquid instead of the fat deposits they are so that they are easier to remove using a cannula. The technology is more precise, allowing doctors to remove fat from areas of the body that may have been difficult to get to before.

Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

Less Stress with Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

Going for liposuction using VASER in Los Angeles can be much less stressful for your body. Because the procedure is more precise than previous methods of liposuction, there is less stress placed on the body and the skin during the removal process. You will not see the ruptured blood vessels of the past that could cause deep bruising or marks on your skin. The skin can retract naturally and be smooth and clear after the procedure.

Talk to a Surgeon Regarding VASER and Find Out More

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for liposuction VASER in Los Angeles, so you want to make sure you speak with a cosmetic surgeon expert in the technology so that you can get the best advice. Here at Dr. Cosmetic Surgery, our surgeon, Dr. Augusto Rojas, has extensive experience with VASER and has achieved amazing results with his patients. You can set up a time to meet with Dr. Rojas by calling our office at (310) 391-7143 so you can get the information you need about the best liposuction options for you.