Microdermabrasion & Anti-Acne Treatment

When it comes to clear skin, Microderm-Abrasion is one of the newest and most effective procedures available today. Often times a person’s age is revealed through their skin and especially their face’s. Microderm-Abrasion is an effective non-surgical way to address aging skin, fines lines, wrinkles and brown spots, over skin pigmentation and even acne.

Here, the dead and outermost part of the skin is partially or completely removed by light abrasion.  This allows a jet of inert and mineral crystals of zinc oxide or aluminum oxide crystals to be brushed onto the surface of the skin where it abrades dry dead cell tissue with little trauma. Particles and removed materials are then removed with the use of a hand piece that looks like a wand, giving a magical finish to the person who has long suffered from bad skin.