Brazillian Butt Lift

Fat Transfer to Buttocks: The Brazilian Butt Lift Explained

When you want a better butt or stronger buttocks, there are plenty of exercises you can do. If you’re like so many of the people we encounter, you’ve tried squats, you’ve taken classes, you’ve done stretching, you’ve tried every exercise there is. It certainly feels good to exercise, maybe it even improved your figure, but…

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Mommy Makeover

What to Do and Not to Do Before a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy often leaves a mother’s body in an unrecognizable state. That is the main reason why many mothers try to better their physical condition with a set of cosmetic surgeon called “Mommy Makeover.” That includes tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift. Before you undergo a Mommy Makeover, these are the things you…

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