a Lip Lift

The Best Smile: a Lip Lift to Show More Teeth

A lip lift to show more teeth could be just the thing to make a beautiful smile even more radiant. Your smile is beautiful. It shouldn’t be hidden behind any lip imperfections. Some people who don’t have the lips they’ve always wanted can try to hide or suppress their smile. That’s a terrible way to go through life. Show people just how happy and glowing you can be with an incredible smile. Best of all, it’s easy and quick to get.

How a Lip Lift Works

The main purpose of a lip lift is to make the vermillion border that enhances the facial area above the lips more prominent. Through doing so, this will give the patients lips (and really, the rest of their face) a more physically attractive and youthful shape. Most people think “lip lift” includes a lot of cutting, but actually the only part that’s excised is the skin at the base of the nose. Once that tissue is removed, the lip gets elevated. That permanently increases the volume of the pink part of the lip and roughly 1/8’’ of teeth.

Lip Lift to Show More Teeth in Two Ways

There are two different kinds of lip lifts. Each solves a different kind of problem. For example, a “Corner Lip Lift” is a great choice should a person have a corner of mouth that’s seemingly always turned down. This can lead to others thinking they’re sad when they really aren’t. In fact, another thing that a Corner Lip Lift can help with: fixing a permanent frown. Everyone only gets one chance to make a first impression. Getting a Corner Lip Lift to show more teeth helps make a great first impression.

a Lip Lift

Upper Lip Lifts

If you’re tired of your flat, thin lips, Upper Lip Lifts can be the answer. Another reason to get this kind of lip lift: when the upper lip doesn’t have space to vertically expand, lip fillers can result in “duck lips.” This kind of lip lift is perfect for those who have an abnormally long space between the top of their upper lips and their nose. This is a more common problems than one might think, as an “abnormally long space” is actually anything great than one and a half centimeters. If someone’s teeth don’t show when they smile, it’s time to lip lift to show more teeth.

Relaxed Lips = Relaxed Look

Almost invariably, what happens when someone comes in to get a lip lift to show more teeth, they end up looking sexier, happier, and just more at peace/relaxed. It’s remarkable the big change that can come from just a small thing. Dr. Augusto Rojas does incredible lip lifts, and even better, he can do them quickly. In just 90 minutes, the length of a short movie, the entire procedure can be over. That’s all that separates you from the lips you’ve always dreamt about having. To get the best lip lift to show more teeth, call (310) 391-7143 today.