Things to Consider if You Look for Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

Liposuction has changed tremendously since it first became available in the United States forty years ago. The methods used today are different than what you may have been familiar with or heard about in the past. Liposuction can be an ideal option for men and women that are seeking to reduce or get rid of problem areas on their necks, chins, arms, legs, abdomens, backs, thighs, and other areas. As you start looking into the different possibilities used today, you may come across VASER technology as part of some of the potential procedures. If you’re looking at liposuction VASER in Los Angeles as a way to help you get rid of problem spots, there are a few things you will want to consider to make sure it is the best choice for you.

Ideal Candidates for VASER

As is the case with any cosmetic surgery, not every person that wants to have VASER liposuction performed is going to be the ideal candidate. VASER, especially high definition VASER, is used primarily on patients already at, or near their ideal weight and condition. The perfect patient is one that stays in shape and just has some small fat deposits in areas and has been unable to get rid of them. VASER allows for the fat to be removed so that muscles become more prominent and defined, and your body can be more toned.

liposuction VASER in Los Angeles

The Benefits of VASER

Liposuction VASER in Los Angeles also has certain benefits that you may not see with traditional liposuction methods. VASER uses ultrasound to break up the fat cells and liquefy them, making the fat easier to remove. This method of breaking up the fat helps to prevent damage to the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. Patients will have less bruising and damage, leading to much less pain during recovery so that you can heal faster and more effectively. VASER is a more exact procedure, allowing it to be performed in areas that might prove difficult or impossible using traditional methods, such as fat removal on the chin, behind the knees, or on the back.

Learn What VASER Can do for You

Ideally, you will want to research liposuction VASER in Los Angeles so that you can be informed before you sit down and discuss it with a cosmetic surgeon. Take the time to read the information and articles we provide at Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery so you can learn about the potential VASER can have for you and how it can help you. You can then contact us using the contact form found on our site, or by calling the office at (310) 870-1224 so that you can schedule a meeting and consultation with Dr. Rojas. Dr. Rojas can perform an evaluation and let you know what the best options available are for you so that you can tone your body in ways you never thought possible and have a look you have always dreamed about.