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Types of Botox and Which One is Right For You

Botox in Los Angeles is a fairly common procedure that many people choose because it helps erase lines and wrinkles, giving you a healthy, more-youthful look. Unlike fillers, Botox is a paralyzing agent that stops the electrical communication between nerves and muscles, keeping the muscles from contracting as they normally do. This helps keep your face from making movements that lead to wrinkles. There are several kinds of Botox and here at Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery, we can help you decide which one is best for you.

Baby Botox

Called Baby Botox because of its subtle results, this type is ideal for younger patients hoping to prevent wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and near the eyebrows these being the most common and first areas to develop wrinkles. Small amounts of Botox are used at these sites to help slow the progression of the signs of aging. Baby Botox is also a good choice for someone just getting started with the process and allows you to get a sense of what your results might be before you go all in.


As the name implies, this is Botox marketed for men. While women make up the large majority of patients undergoing Botox, it’s becoming increasingly common for men as well. The main reason cited for the surge in make Botox patients is to stay young and relevant at work. The most popular location for BroTox is the area between the eyebrows, where deep lines tend to form with age. Men also ask for the treatment around their eyes to combat crow’s feet and to minimize the appearance of frown lines. It’s also great for lifting the brows.


This is the type of Botox used to combat sweating, specifically on the scalp. It’s ideal for people who suffer from excessive sweating but is also sought out for people who want to preserve their hairstyle during a workout. For example, some women like BlowTox because it helps them keep the results of their blowout for longer. Botox has also been used to stop excessive sweating the armpits. We can help you decide if this treatment is right for you, with the help of your medical doctor.

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This is a fairly new form of Botox, called Jeuveau and experts are optimistic about its benefits and results. It’s a great option for someone who has been using Botox for a while, as muscles can become resistant to it with time. Making the switch to this newer form can help enhance the results you’re used to seeing and keep your face looking smooth and young. NewTox shows promise as being especially effective for the lines that tend to form between the brows, both for men and women.

Budget Botox

It’s best to avoid budget Botox in Los Angeles since it’s often done in a DIY manner and can lead to serious side effects and poor results.

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