Mommy Makeover

What to Do and Not to Do Before a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy often leaves a mother’s body in an unrecognizable state. That is the main reason why many mothers try to better their physical condition with a set of cosmetic surgeon called “Mommy Makeover.” That includes tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast procedures like breast augmentation and breast lift.

Before you undergo a Mommy Makeover, these are the things you should do and also the things you should avoid so you can get the look you’re seeking.

What to do?

The first thing you should before undergoing a Mommy Makeover Los Angeles is to find a physical before the operation which will check your health and see if you’re able to undergo any cosmetic surgery.

Another important thing that you have to do is to take care of your diet. Foods and snacks that are low in sodium are recommended as they won’t affect the efficiency of a cosmetic surgery you choose to undergo.

Although it may not look so important at first glance, the clothes you wear before and after the surgery are of great importance. It’s not important if you look stylish or not, wear something comfortable. A good choice is something like bottoms with an elastic waistband and a button, or snap-up top are recommended.

Also, you should discuss if you are using daily medications as it’s very important when it comes to giving anesthesia. Consult with your doctor to see if you can skip some daily doses, because some medications when combined with anesthesia can have dangerously negative effects on your health.

Mommy Makeover

What to avoid?

At no point during the surgery is extensive bleeding. Increased bleeding will put your life in serious danger, so avoid taking any medications or herbal supplements that are known as blood-thinners. Avoid aspirin and Ginkgo as they will reduce the thickness of your blood and put you at a risk during the surgery.

A simple consultation with your cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles will help you handle this problem easily. You should discuss all your prescribed medicines with him.

Drinking alcohol right before the surgery sounds like a bad idea without needing further elaboration. Alcohol is strictly forbidden before the surgery, as well as immediately after it.

One of the biggest dangers the alcohol can pose for you is the complications caused by the mixing of alcohol and anesthesia. That’s the last way you’d want to go through this situation.

Smoking is a bad habit, and it gets even worse if practiced four weeks before and four weeks after the surgery. Your recovery can become endangered by smoking. The efficiency of the surgical procedures may greatly suffer from the nicotine intake. So, the smoking is a big no, before and after the Mommy Makeover.

You may think that shaving before the surgery won’t be bad, both aesthetically or when it comes to hygiene, but refrain from doing it on your own. Shaved areas can become infected. Simple steps and simple discussions are all that you need before a successful mommy makeover. A good surgeon can make all of it look easy. So, what are you waiting for? Get an appointment with us today! (310) 870-1224