Lipo High Def in Los Angeles

What You Should Know About Lipo High Def Los Angeles Surgery

There are parts of the human body that some people are unable to shift fat from. These are parts of the body where somebody is unable to exercise/burn the fat away. Under such circumstances, a person is left with only two options. Said person may lose lots of weight so that fat is removed from every part of the body, or said person may opt for lipo high def Los Angeles surgery. For example, if you have a small deposit of fat around your tummy that you just cannot shift, you may not want to slim down to a size zero to lose it because it also means losing much-needed fat around the cheeks, breasts, and bottom. Instead, a surgeon can gently remove unnecessary fatty deposits without the need for excessive dieting/weight loss.


Is Lipo High Def Surgery for Fat People?

On the contrary, most people who have high def liposuction are people who are very healthy and very well-toned. Most people who have high def liposuction have very well-toned and defined bodies, but there are fatty deposits that are simply getting in the way. In fact, people who are unable to control their weight and/or are prone to putting on/losing weight quickly are not viable candidates for high def liposuction.


Does High Definition Liposuction Hurt?

Any pain and discomfort that occurs after the procedure may be managed with medication, and most consider the sensation to feel more like discomfort than pain. Since high def liposuction is removing less fat than regular liposuction, many say that it hurts less. However, how much it hurts depends on many factors, such as:


  • Where you are having liposuction
  • How much liposuction you are having
  • Your own sensitivity to discomfort


How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Recovery from lipo high def in Los Angeles is quite long when compared with other liposuction procedures because of the extensive aftercare that is needed. However, over the short term, it will take eight days for you to recover. Within 48 hours, you will be up and around without the need for assistance.


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What Sort of Aftercare Is Needed?

The more you do to tend to yourself during the three-month period after the procedure, then the better your results will be. Correct aftercare will help the results and will save on future discomfort. Aftercare activities include:


  • The use of hyperbaric oxygen
  • Post-procedure ultrasound
  • Correct and adequate nutrition
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Specific and gentle exercise
  • The use of specific body compression garments


Am I a Good Candidate For High Def Liposuction?

There are no guarantees that you will be accepted as a candidate, but it is safe to say that you need to be in very good health in order to undergo the procedure. If you have been ill, or if you are enduring other medical issues, it may be worth waiting before seeking a consultation.


People who are accepted for high def liposuction will typically have a very healthy BMI. All candidates must have a stable weight because it is imperative that the candidate remains the same weight during their three months of recovery. A small amount of excess skin is allowed, but some doctors differ on what “a small amount” really is.


Candidates must also be able to take eight days off work and/or eight days of solid recovery without them being required to do anything strenuous. Plus, candidates must be willing to participate and/or administer the many aftercare activities that were listed in the previous section.


Will I Be Asleep During The Procedure?

It is hard to say what will happen until you take your first consultation. Some people are lightly sedated, and other people are put under IV sedation. Some people have a local anesthetic, and some have a general anesthetic. The method used during your procedure depends on:


  • The number of areas that will be affected
  • Which technique is being used
  • The extent of the procedure being used


Conclusion – Is High Def Liposuction Right for You?

High def liposuction will make your muscles and your body contours look more pronounced, but you need to be careful regarding how you view your own body. Things such as muscle definition and body contours may be affected by a great many things, which includes how tanned a person is, or even the type of light a person is standing under.


People are typically bad at judging their own body tone and muscle definition because they are never able to see it in perspective. When a person looks at themselves in a mirror, then that person is looking at a 2D image, which is not ideal for judging muscle definition and contours. The same is true if you are taking photos.


On a similar note, if you are doing before and after photos, then try several photos from several different angles, or maybe even a series of photos going around a 180-degree circle. Such photos will catch your body at different angles and will give you a better idea of how defined your muscles are.