Liposuction HD In Los Angeles

Who You Can Expect to Perform Liposuction HD In Los Angeles

Of all the cosmetic surgery procedures that are available to undergo in today’s medical landscape, it is fair to say that liposuction was the most popular generations ago, and it still remains one of the most popular to this very day. Alongside things like nose jobs and breast implants, liposuction is something that feels entirely accessible to anyone who might want or need it today, and as a result it is no surprise to see vast improvements and enhancements in the field being made almost every year. In terms of the top notch liposuction techniques being used today, HD liposuction in Los Angeles is right at the top of the podium. Let’s take a little look at what exactly HD liposuction is, and then a further look at some of the best places to undergo the procedure across Los Angeles.

What Is HD Liposuction?

HD liposuction, as you might imagine, stands for high definition liposuction, and it is a form of the procedure that is specifically designed not only to remove fat deposits from your body, but also focus on helping to provide definition and muscle contouring at the same time. Many have described it as a dramatic and effective slimming procedure does that more than one thing unlike other forms of liposuction. The biggest benefits of HD liposuction include natural looking results, minimal recovery time, smaller incisions, greater overall safety, little to no scarring and tighter skin.

For those who are seeking the kind of extra benefits that HD liposuction can provide, the only thing left to do is seek out a cosmetic surgeon who has both a good reputation and a history of performing liposuction HD in Los Angeles. To help you make the right decisions about which people to put your trust in, here is some information about one of the places where you can expect to receive liposuction HD in Los Angeles.

Liposuction HD In Los Angeles

Best Surgeon for Liposuction HD In Los Angeles

  •       Dr Rojas Cosmetic Surgery

Originally from Bogota, Colombia and now the Medical and Surgical Director at Oceanview Medical and Surgical Group in Venice California, Dr. Augusto Rojas is one of the leading names in the field of HD liposuction. With more than twenty years’ experience in Southern California, Dr Rojas is a name that you can trust. In a state where so many professionals claim to be at the top of their game, this surgery is one where that proclamation is more than just hollow words.

What Does Dr. Rojas Offer?

As already specified, Dr. Rojas has a specific expertise in the coveted HD liposuction that is becoming more and more popular in today’s cosmetic surgery landscape, but a visit to his clinic can see you provided with much more than just this one type of procedure. Here is a run-down of all of the traditional treatments and procedures that Dr. Rojas Cosmetic Surgery make available to prospective patients.

  •       Tummy tuck.
  •       Brazilian lift.
  •       Varicose vein treatment.
  •       Face lift.
  •       Face and neck lift with threads.
  •       Lip augmentation.
  •       Lip lift.
  •       Botox.
  •       Fillers.
  •       Vampire lift.
  •       PRP.
  •       Microdermabrasion.
  •       Laser.
  •       Peels.
  •       Breast augmentation (reduction, lift, reconstruction, male reduction.)

As you can see, the list of treatments is vast and expansive, highlighting the expertise of Dr. Rojas and his dedicated team of medical and cosmetic professionals. As with any type of treatment, word of mouth is something that is very important and impactful in the world of cosmetic surgery. A surgeon is only as successful as his last patient’s satisfaction, so in order to help you see that he is an ideal cosmetic surgeon for your HD liposuction needs, here is a selection of Yelp reviews from previous patients who have been under the care of Dr. Rojas.

Patient Testimonials
  •       Jane W. – Los Angeles, CA

I’m very happy with Dr Rojas. I was referred to him by a close friend and I have no regrets. Aside of being super friendly and caring with me, he explained all the steps in the procedure I had and the results were amazing. Everybody has nothing but good things to say about my new look, and I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr Rojas!”

  •       Marco R. – Glendale, CA

“Came in to a consultation with my wife. We were referred by a close friend whom has gotten work done here before. Dr and his staff were super friendly and answered all of our questions.  Provided us with multiple options. We are confident that we are in safe hands. Thank you for your hospitality.”

  •       Adriana Y. – Los Angeles, CA

“I think Dr.Rojas is an excellent doctor. I went recently to get a consultation and their service was perfect, very clean and all his staff were great. The doctor is very professional, punctual, he also responded to all my questions and gave me enough time to feel comfortable. I also got a couple of cosmetic surgeries here in the past and both surgeries went great. Fast recovery and the results are very natural. I could tell you that he’s probably one of the best cosmetic surgeons in South CA. I’m super happy with my appearance overall. Thank you, Dr. Rojas!”